​A popcorn company with a mission.

A mission to create handmade, natural popcorn snacks, with no obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so many snacks on the market today.

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We take our hand-popped corn and coat it in traditional British sweets in all the amazing flavours of our childhood. What’s more; they contain no artificial colours or flavours, they’re Gluten Free, suitable for Vegans, non GMO and just 85 calories per serving.

Retrocorn manufacturers and packs all its own popcorn in a nut free factory.

My passion for popcorn started many years ago, when I was a child. I would often go to the cinema and before the film started, would always have a snack treat. Back then the choice was limited to either popcorn or sweets. There’s no doubt we loved popcorn, even back then, but I also had a penchant for sweets; Cola Cubes, Rhubarb & Custard, Pear Drops, you name it – a whole kaleidoscope of flavours. However popcorn was always restricted to simple sweet or salted. I decided to change all that and make popcorn more fun by combining these two treats – The result is Retrocorn.

Each bag of Retrocorn is a feast for your senses; using only the finest ingredients we create super-indulgent little packets of delight that you, your friends and family, can enjoy guilt free.

Our site isn’t all about popcorn. It’s also about you too. If there’s a flavour you think we really ought to be making, then we want to hear your ideas. Drop us a line – and you never know, you might just be responsible for creating our next sensational new flavour.

​Greg – Director, Retrocorn [Popcornoisseur]

Minimum order £10 – You can now purchase our popcorn made from traditional British retro sweets online. Our mixed boxes make a great gift. Please click on a product below to view more detail and add to your shopping bag.


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