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Nan’s Kitchen

In 2013 I was living with my dear Nan; Beryl in Essex. We started making and selling popcorn in small batches from Nan’s kitchen, turning our favourite retro sweets into popcorn flavours. In November we ventured to London at One New Change near St Paul’s Cathedral to launch our new Popcorn products.


Mr Simms Olde Sweet shops

In April 2014 we started selling to Mr Simms Olde Sweet shops and was quickly awarded product of the year! Soon after we partnered with our first wholesale customer in London and even got our popcorn in the Daily Mail!! (online!!)



In October we teamed up with Now TV and the Walking Dead series to celebrate the TV show we supplied the Retrocorn Brain Food!



November quickly came round and we celebrated our First Birthday! And launched into 40 Co-op stores across Essex

With the popularity of our popcorn growing, soon every room in her house was filled with boxes upon boxes of freshly popped Retrocorn waiting to be delivered. The day came when Nan stubbed her toe one too many times on a box and politely suggested that it was time for me to find bigger premises.


KissFM & Heart Radio

Jan 2015 –Kiss FM and Heart Radio tried our popcorn live on air as part of National Popcorn Day. We spent the next two months kitting out our new factory, rebranding and invested in new equipment, The Mayor of Chelmsford officially opened our new factory on April 29th.



In May I filmed for the Dragons Den TV Show, although not making the TV series I went on to completely change the direction of Retrocorn. Rebranding again for the 3rd time! And changing most of the ingredients to make Retrocorn, Vegan, Gluten Free and made with all natural flavours and colours!

Later that year we went on to sell Retrocorn internationally in the Middle East and Europe and then back on our home turf we launched into a further 60 East of England Co-op stores and by December Retrocorn was being sold at Butlins Holiday camps!

None of this would have been possible without the support of my nan and during 2015 she retained an important role in Retrocorn as chief-taster and Retrocorn’s brand ambassador up until her sad passing at the end of the year. Today I am proud of how Retrocorn still operates the same way as we did from the beginning – selecting only the best quality corn, having a dedicated ‘hand-popping team’ and using natural and great quality retro sweets to create our delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy. As the original Chief Taster, Nan would be proud of just how poppin’ the Retrocorn brand has become.



In Feb 2016 – I focused on building awareness for Retrocorn and attended the Brit Awards as an official sponsor, I attended SIAL in Paris and exhibited our range of products to buyers from all over the world. Retrocorn was establishing itself as not just a brand of popcorn but also a manufacturer.


We keep growing…

We launched our product on the TESCO BackIT platform smashing our crowd funding target raising £300 for a local children’s charity in Essex.

This platform and our hard work help raised our profile further and at the end of the year was being sold at Fenwicks and even made it into Number 10 Downing Street


Sweet and Shake

In Jan 2018 we launched a new product “Sweet and Shake” in conjunction with LoSalt and in April Restaurant Associates and Google started to stock our popcorn in their offices in London!

In Sept we found out that So Solid Crew are Retrocorn Fans and in October we launched into our first UK Supermarket OCADO


   Dec – launch into Dhamecha Wholesale


Retrocorn goes
to America!

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