Popcorn: A Healthy Snack Alternative?

October 23, 2018

Popcorn is one of the fastest growing food products in the UK. Sales continue to climb, with British consumers munching through over £150m worth in 2017 alone, more than double the amount sold five years ago. Meanwhile, sales of its biggest rivals in the tasty snack market continue to decline as many of us switch to popcorn.
So what is behind this phenomenal success? Well, there are so many new gourmet flavours to try for starters, but perhaps the major driving force has been its reputation as a healthier alternative to that old British favourite – the potato crisp. Sales of the savoury snack are on a steady decline, although no-one at Walkers is panicking quite yet: popcorn sales are yet to get even close to the £2bn spent on fried sliced potato.
But the question is… Is popcorn really a healthy snack? The answer surely is yes. In many ways, it is the perfect food. In its raw form, it is virtually fat free. Popcorn is also full of lots of A and B vitamins and minerals which are essential nutrients for our well-being. As an example, it contains more iron by weight than eggs or spinach. The Corn from which popcorn is made is also wholegrain, so it is very high in fibre, which is good for our digestive systems.
So far so good. Popcorn is beginning to sound like a superfood. So what’s the catch? Well the downside is the additives and flavourings which some manufacturers add to the raw corn. Oil is used to heat the corn in order to make it “pop”. Then there is the salt, flavourings and other additives to make it taste even more irresistible.
But with Retrocorn you can enjoy your favourite snack safe in the knowledge that only the finest ingredients are used. Retrocorn use only quality oils such as olive or rapeseed to pop the corn. All ingredients are natural: no dodgy additives, no artificial colouring or flavouring, no MSG. No genetically modified corn is used and all the popcorn is gluten free. In fact Retrocorn is so wholesome it is suitable for a vegan diet.
What Retrocorn leaves out is very important, but surely the crucial factor is what is put in. Retrocorn is flavoured with real crushed sweets, so you get to enjoy a real authentic candy flavour with your favourite treat. And with classic flavours such as Strawberries & Cream, Cola Cubes and the truly gorgeous Cherry Pips, there’s sure to be a variety for you.
And if you looking for something with a bit of sour to go with your sweetness, there’s Rhubarb & Custard or the truly tangtastic Lemon & Lime Sherbet flavoured popcorn. So now you can enjoy the nostalgic tastes of yesteryear with a contemporary twist.
So whether you’re simply enjoying a tasty snack or taking in the latest blockbuster at the local multiplex (good luck with sneaking it past the ticket staff), Retrocorn is a tasty treat wherever you are.