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When you really want something and you’re thinking that you’ll die if you can’t have it, then this is a popular Japanese phrase to use.  “Kono poppukōn ga hoshī nodesuga, watashi no te wa nodo kara dete kimasu!  (I want this popcorn so much, my hand is coming out of my throat!) and if you’re really clever  このポップコーンがほしいのですが、私の手はのどから出てきます!




Popped Corn, Sugar, Horseradish Powder, Oriental Mustard Powder, Wasabi Leaf Powder, Rapeseed oil.


GTIN: 0671072422719

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Q) Is retrocorn gluten free?

A) 100% absolutely

Q) I am vegan, can i enjoy retrocorn?

A) You sure can, all our products are vegan, no artifical colours or flavours

Q) How many calories are in a pack?

A) Each pack is just 85 calories* so you can enjoy it guilt free!